e2o - from Earth to outposts, from Epsilon to Orion.

Epic starship combat!   Fast & fun gameplay!   Spaceships with neglible expenses!   Release closing, still being fine-tuned.

This is Epsilon Command, breaking radio silence.


Preview of new e2o cards


It's been a long time - I apologise for that. To put it shortly, life has been intervening this project badly. But I'm back with Epsilon, trying to find as much time as I can to go on with the game.

But as after every break I've had in e2o development, my head is full of new ideas, and e2o is taking a new big leap forward, and evolving once again into a new version before actually being released. This time, I'm making a new game out of e2o. It feels natural, and it's using many of ideas I've been thinking of when having the pause.

Preparing for the next playtest cycle


new unit card prototype

It always takes a long time to prepare for a new playtest cycle. While a lot of the game stays same, they are presented in a different way. For example, majority of ship statistics have been replaced by default values - something little you'll have to memorize but what you'll learn to remember very easily. After this, you know that your capital ships move at speed 3, have weak maneuverability and have 3d medium and point defense weapons and armor - any exceptions are mentioned on the ship sheet. It is heavy weapons and other abilities that define the units after all! 

Development continues


Stella Star keeps you updated about from Epsilon to Orion!

It's been quiet on this site for quite a while; life with a kid is something that can take a lot of energy and time, especially if you want to play, meet friends and do other things too. But while I haven't posted for a while, there's been silent development inside my head, I've been thinking about various game elements, bottlenecks, what's really necessary for the game and what seems just to be encumbering it and many other details.

Tracon 2011 photos


e2o in Tracon 2011

Tracon went by some time ago, and I've been horribly busy - so sorry about having no updates for a while.

Tracon demo gathered good amount of interest and time flew past, and the I started packing my stuff one hour after the planned ending time of the demo. 

Here's a few photos from the demo:

Preparing for Tracon 2011


New faction control sheet

This is a busy week; The game needs a bunch of updates and the week would have been busy for me even without Tracon. There had been some personnel changes in the event organization team which is why e2o has dropped off the printed program.

Revising frigates - removing another bottleneck


New frigates card

Hello again, great to have contact back to Earth again! Epsilon Command is back online, and is here to give you update on the game status.

Due to IRL(R) events, development has been quite quiet for a while. Now Tracon is closing and it's time to push the development to it's next phase. This time, it's time to get rid of many excess cards: numerous frigate and fighter cards can easily flood your table, making everything difficult to find, so they'll be replaced by a few combination cards - each of which you'll need only one.

Tracon, no Ropecon in 2011


Tracon demo 2011

Hello, and welcome back to Epsilon station! There has been another long pause with development of e2o. This has happened for several reasons; Taking care of a baby, playing games that don't need work and other things have taken me away from the development for a while. I also decided that I need a RopeCon where I don't need to stress, so e2o won't be seen in RopeCon this year. But there will be e2o demo in Tracon, which takes place in september this year.

Streamlined ships


Streamlined ships

During about two weeks, I spent some amount of time now and then to put together new streamlined ships for e2o. It was a really busy week, so some evenings I could use only a few minutes for modelling or pass the whole thing, while there was able to use 2-3 hours for modelling while watching tv.

Revised fighter models


Revised fighter models!

Some time ago I started to look at the fighters and compared them to the other models. While they are very small pieces and aren't usually looked too close, they still looked horribly outdated to me. So, I decided to make new versions of the fighters, which have more details and makes them faster to put together.

Here's a sample from the new fighters - you can see old Soviet Interceptor and bombers on the left, and new Soviet and American models on the right.

Managing large scale space combats


Scenario card for large scale conflicts

What would a space combat game be without occasional large scale space battles, where fleets of large battleships exchange masses of fire with their enemy? Such battles easily grow into very long and slow games, where feel of epic action is lost. Also, fleet construction easily takes a lot of time.