e2o - from Earth to outposts, from Epsilon to Orion.

Epic starship combat!   Fast & fun gameplay!   Spaceships with neglible expenses!   Release closing, still being fine-tuned.

Tracon and Ropecon!


Soviet Grand admiral

From Epsilon to Orion will be seen at both Tracon and Ropecon in 2010! While it has been quiet for a while, be ready for series of previews. It's time for still a little more preparations and (hopefully) final playtestings.

This time, as a small preview you can see a small glimpse of e2o card graphics.

Fascination of retro-scifi


Cold War retro scifi

World of e2o is retro-scifi; While it's timeline isn't alternate to ours - at least yet - technology, civilization and whole theme has taken a few steps back due to all the difficulties humankind has suffered. This is where the fascination of retro scifi comes - an interesting combination of new and old. Theme of Cold war, east vs. west, americans vs. soviets is a classic, but there hasn't been many cold war -themed games lately, which also makes the theme fresh.

Edition skip


Some changes in e2o development

I was almost ready to publish e2o months ago - it's been over a year since my original intentions of releasing it. I already published small beta-edition in Tracon more than year ago. While e2o is basically still same game, a huge amount of things have changed in it. Essentially, e2o today could be thought of as second edition.

Burning spaceship & quick cruiser model


Quick American cruiser model & burning starship

While I had a lot to tell about what's been happening with e2o during the last week, I believe you wouldn't be too interested about that; Developing a game can be quite boring from time to time.

Instead, I'm giving you pics of latest ship models - one prototype model of a burning ship, which works a lot better than just 'burning' marker, and a simplified version of American Cruiser. That's right, you that don't wan't to keep much time modelling will get another model that can be put together quickly - playing with models is much more fun than using just counters!

Game map update


Basic starmap

The gridded starmap -playing field you can find from downloads section will be changed for the final version of the game. This is a change that didn't come up until recently, when optimizing the playability of the game.

The old map will stay available on the site as a free gift; If you want a plain gridded starmap gaming board for your own games, feel free to use this original map!

Google Wave as a game development tool



Preview version of Google wave was released last autumn, but most of the excitement has gone down after everyone wanting an invitation got one. When I got an account and could share invitations forward, I used it a lot. But it seems that many of those that have the account are going back to older means of communication.

What's going on with e2o today?


Preview of changes in Epsilon

Well, a lot. Rinse and repeat once again and this time, it's a revolution. More corners is being rounded than ever, length of the rules has already dropped by a third, and still, almost everything is still in the game, and even more is coming. Some things have been dropped as they had no function. For example, it would be possible that a starship that is destroyed would have slowed down enough so it would essentially be stopped, but it's not really meaningful for the game that wrecked starships would stay static on the board.

Who do Soviet and American leaders fear most?


Stella Star, star reporter of Stellar News

Heels clank on the steel floor of USS Liberator, a Disabler -class destroyer that has been called for inspection by Unified Earth council. And among the inspectors, walks a blonde woman who seems to be a bit too confident of herself. This woman is Stella Star, a star reporter of Stellar News who a month ago questioned this destroyer's mission near Betelgeuse. Admiral Redman - descendant of the radical president of USA who had ordered nuclear strike to Iraq almost two decades ago - feels nervous.

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Gaming aids


e2o scoretracker thumbnail

Point value revision allowed reducing amount of math and making a new tool for calculating points - a sheet where you can place tokens to keep track of the points. This way there's no calculations in the end of the game and both players can easily see the situations - which for example allows you to make full retreat if you believe you are winning enough in points in order to win the battle even if your opponent remains in control of the area, but are in danger of losing your battleship which could change the whole situation.