e2o - from Earth to outposts, from Epsilon to Orion.

Epic starship combat!   Fast & fun gameplay!   Spaceships with neglible expenses!   Release closing, still being fine-tuned.

New missile markers


New missiles

Missiles are a game mechanic in e2o that has a very big visual importance. You have already seen missiles in many pictures, but to those that want to have colder look for their missiles are getting an option to use different missiles.

While the missiles are important for the game for visual purposes and creating atmosphere, they do have an important purpose in the game too; A simple but functional mechanic to handle them as they should be handled - as slow weapons.

Elements of success in game design



"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

I believe everyone has heard those verses - they are used to describe what bride is is supposed to wear in her wedding. It also describes pretty well elements in the creation process of a game. Let me open it up:

Inspiration: Star Wars


X-wing miniature from Star Wars starship battles

And the pause in production is over, let the development and blogging continue! Today, I'd like to tell you about some sources of inspiration I've had. This first one must be a big surprise to you... right?


Pause in development


Blast diagram

For practical reasons, I'm unfortunately forced to pause the development of the game for a short while. I'm not sure yet how long this pause will be but I'm not afraid that this would push release further. If you want to hear when development is being continued again you can order RSS feed from the bottom of the page.

Point cost renewal


Scanning screen

Those that have seen the game demo in Tracon or Ropecon, probably remember each unit having a point cost. These point costs are currently going through a big change. While units will still have point costs, default point value for a game will be 10 points instead of 100 points. A Destroyer will cost 4 points instead of 43 points, and will be weakened a bit to meet the new point cost. There will not be fractions of points, although some units will be bought as bundles (2 assault patrols with 1 point for example).

Critical hits


This time, critical hit rules have been under inspection - as most rules, everything will be looked at several times. As rules should be as streamlined as possible to allow swift and fun playing, as much special cases as possible should be eliminated from them. And I just did so, in a way that first felt too absurd. As it is said that wounded animals are most dangerous animals, it is also true for fighter squadrons in e2o. The last flight of a squadron is more dangerous than the squadron was while it still had two squadrons. Illogical? Not really.

Papercraft game


Sovien gunship parts

I've been wondering if 'Miniature game' is a correct term for Epsilon. I'm may keep using that term as it does well describe the game, but another name came to me a while ago; Print, cut & glue -type items are generally called 'Papercraft'. So perhaps, one term - maybe the best? that could be used to call the game is 'a papercraft game'. 

RopeCon -09 demo report

Ropecon passed and Epsilon gained fair amount of attention. Location of the demo table was excellent for being on a location where lots of people passed, although that meant that I had to shout all the time to be heard, and therefore I wasn't able to keep the demo up for full 10 hours I had been given. Apologies for that to those that may have missed the event.

About release schedule, RopeCon

Soviet Disabler -class Heavy destroyer assaulted by troopsPlaytestings just keep bringing up issues that need to be solved. As there's many different features in the advanced game, and lots of different features interact with other features, there's lots of details that need to be thought of and clarified in the rules. And even if the release would be delayed, what I DON'T want to do is to release a half-ready game.

American cruiser and simplified gunships

A cruiser model, semi-model frigates and counters.

Just another small bone thrown from the middle of development - the middle way in game preparation: Large ships as full models, fighters as counters and frigates as simplified models: