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Card sleeves from Hell

By Epsilon command - Posted on 20 November 2010


Cards, cards, cards!

They are. They really are from hell! And still, like many other things that other people might consider having come from hell, you can't live without them.

As Epsilon has been moving towards using more and more cards, it has increased work a huge amount. As even a smallest change in rules may affect everything throughout the game, forcing me to update all the cards before next playtesting session. I have some 200 cards for playtesting purposes. Since the latest playtesting session I've made already several revisions of most of the cards, fixed some mistakes, and did it all again as playtesting session was delayed. And once I'm preparing for a playtesting session, I want everything to be ready to get most info out of the session. In addition to all the trouble, this has made me waste much more paper than I would have hoped - I really would like to save our planet as much as possible to avoid destiny of earth shortly described in the game.

Using paper prints makes it almost necessary to use card sleeves. Taking 100 pieces out of sleeves and putting new ones in gets pretty annoying, if you do it repeatedly. While it's nice to have cards in sleeves, I've never liked using them due to all the trouble needed when using them. Lots of my friends have watched me in horror when I've played Magic with them using sleeveless cards. Finally, few of my b5ccg (An excellent ccg by Precedence that suddenly ended as Warner Bros pulled their licence) gaming buddies bought be a bunch of sleeves for a birthday present, so soon after constant pressure by them I just had to start using them.

Anyway, back to game development - another playtesting session is over, and one thing I noticed was that B&W prints without various card backs makes things confusing. Colors are a really strong defining feature in the cards, as well as their backs, so real life situation will be really different. In addition, this playtesting session made me realize that one card type has no place in the game as it is, which will make clear the table even more.

And I'll prepare myself to make some more cards before the next playtesting session...

Meillä onkin käytössä eri värisiä korttisuojia erityyppisille korteille. On mustaa, punasta, vihreetä ja kultasta ainakin. Luulen että tarpeeksi monia värejä on tarjolla. Tietenkin oikean pahvikortin tausta olis parempi kuin pelkkään värikoodaukseen luottava muoviläystäke.


Eikä niitä vanhoja printtejä o mikään pakko ottaa sieltä pussista pois. Uus vaan päälle :D

Joihinkin asioihin sitä vain urautuu, vaikka asiat olisivatkin itsestään selviä - kiitos neuvosta laittaa uusi printti vanhan päälle :) Uusia korttisuojia ei ole tullut hankittua, kun vanhoja on kuitenkin ollut ihan reippaasti jäljellä, vaikka ovatkin saman värisiä. Ehkä kehitysvaiheen kestää niiden kanssa, jos lopulliseen versioon kuitenkin tulee oikeat erilaiset taustat.