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Cards as game component

By Epsilon command - Posted on 27 February 2012


e2o unit card

Cards are an important component in many different games. e2o headed towards being largely card-driven, but I might say I came to my senses. While cards are an useful tool, and are a lot more practical way of approaching unit statistics than larger sheets, there is such thing as too many cards.

I've been collecting many miniatures games where each unit has a card, and because these cards have various special abilities with limited amounts of uses, each miniature really needs a card. I've really started to hate a table full of cards, and this was something e2o was heading to be. With the recent changes, there's only few larger reference sheets that are mainly easy to remember after a few games, plus just a few unit cards, each of which may present more than one unit of one type. I think it's more classy to have fleets with more than one unit of same type rather than rag-tag fleet of a dozen different unit types, and e2o approaches fleet construction this way.

While I haven't been able to start the new playtest round, I'm waiting for it eagerly. I don't think there's any more bottlenecks in the system, I think everything's starting to be pretty much streamlined while still retaining the flavor.

Hopefully the next playtest cycle can start soon, meaning that I can share you more information about the game mechanics and changes!

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