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By Epsilon command - Posted on 09 December 2008

Development is going forward with big steps. I've read the rules through time after time making corrections, dropping rules that make the game more complicated and adding stuff that feels necessary. Goal of being a generic space combat system able to simulate different features of popular fiction increases amount of rules, but this amount has been surprisingly low so far.

Despite the mentioned goal the system will have a default setting - more on that later. This whole process is really demanding but also interesting and rewarding. E2O is developing to be graphically impressive, easy to use but versatile, and something many related products lack - ready to play with little preparing, but still offering use of 3D models. While offering all this, I'm trying my best to keep the game cost low - I know it will not be high, but how low it will be seen at time of release.

While it is possible that the game will have some extras for sale some day, the main idea is to keep the game self-containing; Once you buy the game, you don't need to buy a dozen extensions. This site is built for support purposes, and both I and players can add units here. Players can ask for rules clarifications, comment about units (costs are not set in stone - if some unit gets lots of opinions of it being too cheap or too expensive, it will be recosted!) and discuss about the game. There will be downloads, articles and other material on this site available for all buyers. It is still unsure whether part of the content or whole registering will be limited for book owners only.

There's still lots and lots of work - with rules, unit statistics, unit models, graphics, layout, game world, everything - keep following this blog!