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e2o as RPG setting?

By Epsilon command - Posted on 01 December 2010


Alien moon

Just a wild idea, that could happen some day in future - how would you think of having world of e2o as a roleplaying setting? I'm not talking about big and expensive book, but something with a format similar to one I bought a few months ago - Legends of Steel for Savage Worlds. Evil DM has done great job making this light-weight product. Unlike many Savage Worlds settings [pdf], it doesn't have Plot Point campaign; instead, it has descriptions of all the major locations of the world, including lots of interesting details

These descriptions have just enough information to get your imagination running, unlike most 'story hooks' for roleplaying games I've seen everwhere. In my opinion traditional story hooks à la "Something happens, you'll have to figure what's next" are really bad - I don't think I've never been able to invent something out of such right away. LoS's style of giving you "An assassin's guild is actually control of this city" is immediately giving some ideas, and when combined with other pieces of information, session - including starting events - start to form up.

I could well think of making similar type of setting out of e2o - and would very much like this to become a common format for adventure hooks. This book would give you Soviet worlds ruled by warlords with delusions of grandeur, unspoken corruption of American colonies, internal Strife of European outposts, high technological quality of Unified Africa and enlighted teachings of eastern alliance of Red Sun, in addition to some very peculiar locations.

I'm well ahead of what I really can do this or even next year - I first need to get e2o and the minis final touches and get them published, after which it's time to think of a roleplaying setting - but this is how my mind works, always planning something new.