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Edition skip

By Epsilon command - Posted on 17 March 2010


Some changes in e2o development

I was almost ready to publish e2o months ago - it's been over a year since my original intentions of releasing it. I already published small beta-edition in Tracon more than year ago. While e2o is basically still same game, a huge amount of things have changed in it. Essentially, e2o today could be thought of as second edition.

Society develops, and people with it. People have different tastes and expections, and game development will just have to live with it. While previous edition of Epsilon was fun to play, it was already outdated, and had to be upgraded to the next level.

Major focus of this upgrade has been making gameplay easier; Anything that has left awkward feeling during the playtest has been changed. Amount of preparation might be bigger, but not much; Compared to what's gained in the gameplay, this work is something that will pay off BIG TIME.


From stats sheet to stats & damage card

Game is still under development, and unit statistic card in the image will still change.