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Everything's burning!

By Epsilon command - Posted on 05 June 2010


Nuclear explosion paper model

Blasts, explosions, havoc, destruction!

As such things are important element in a space combat game, there must be element to bring the right atmosphere on the gaming table. As I wasn't completely happy about generic 'burning' marker for the ships, here's a few extra components for the game - the next step in evolution after the generic burning ship you saw earlier. The flames have gone more 3D, and there's burning gunship & frigate -models - and as an extra, a generic arrow-shaped burning ship. In addition to extremely cool effect on your gaming table, these burning ships mark the ships that have been shot to drifting blocks of burning metal that may well explode, potentially causing even more destruction.

Burning spaceship miniatures

Another new extra feature - absolutely not needed in the game, but you'll want to use them when you nuke opponent's ground bases to pieces - a papercraft model of a nuclear blast. This totally unnecessary piece can really create atmosphere to your games!

Nuclear explosion model for wargames

Mwahaaa, katotaan sitte kun laitetaan uus laitos mankeliin. Tiistaina taivas palaa!

Eikä edes taivas ole rajana, ihan kaikki palaa =o)