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Fascination of retro-scifi

By Epsilon command - Posted on 24 March 2010


Cold War retro scifi

World of e2o is retro-scifi; While it's timeline isn't alternate to ours - at least yet - technology, civilization and whole theme has taken a few steps back due to all the difficulties humankind has suffered. This is where the fascination of retro scifi comes - an interesting combination of new and old. Theme of Cold war, east vs. west, americans vs. soviets is a classic, but there hasn't been many cold war -themed games lately, which also makes the theme fresh.

I'm a great fan of different retro-scifi themes. I'm planning to start a new roleplaying game campaign soon, a scifi themed one. I'm not yet sure which, but two strong candidates are Cyberpunk and Steampunk. Steampunk - legacy of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Mark Twain -  is the most popular retro-scifi setting, although Pulp scifi is also a popular theme, especially in Roleplaying games.

It didn't first occur to me that Cyberpunk is also retro-scifi; When I first got to know cyberpunk roleplaying, the game was late R. Talsorian games' Cyberpunk 2020, it was early 90's and the setting was a very interesting view to the future. Lately people have been laughing at it's predictions on year 2020, mainly many people having NMT -phones - but now when you think of it, this isn't very different from the idea of Steampunk.

About cp2020 itself - I've taken a new look into the book, and I've been astoundished how well designed, functional and fun it still is. It's got it's complications, but I still think it wins majority of the rpg rules I've seen lately. The game was the most popular cyberpunk rpg at the time, which makes it's influence in the rpg genre very strong. And we can't forget that William Gibson's Neuromancer and many other remarkable cyberpunk books were written at that time. Unfortunately, I haven't heard that much praises about the revisied version. So, if you want some first class action, dig out your cp2020 books and run a few sessions of this excellent game!

For fans of retro-scifi, if you haven't heard of Iron Sky yet, go and check it out; It's a new movie project from makers of the Star Wreck - and this time it's a real big scale movie, the most expensive one that has been produced in Finland. Who doesn't love idea of Nazis who have gone to moon before their defeat, and are now returning? Btw, they just did their first shootings yesterday.

One more things I want to share about this theme - I've got great plans for future. It remains to be seen how well e2o kicks off, but I might later make a steampunk mod for it, including paper steampunk ships, and right now, in addition to making e2o, I'm tailoring a roleplaying system for my personal purposes; One day, it might get published; but that's a topic for another day.