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Google Wave as a game development tool

By Epsilon command - Posted on 04 February 2010



Preview version of Google wave was released last autumn, but most of the excitement has gone down after everyone wanting an invitation got one. When I got an account and could share invitations forward, I used it a lot. But it seems that many of those that have the account are going back to older means of communication.

But, the Wave still has some invaluable features I feel are excellent for game design purposes. First, from the beginning I've been storing ideas and other development text material in waves. They are easy to edit and accessible everywhere, and store information in real-time.

Even better this has been in communication with my playtesters. Some of them have had some really good feedback and ideas, and ability to communicate real-time or in a more forum-like way depending on timing is magnificent.

There are some drawbacks, though. The discussion easily starts to happen all around the wave, and if the wave gets too long, it's hard to find important parts of the wave. To prevent this, the easiest thing to do would be to highlight the important parts. In addition, long waves, especially ones with attachments, tend to slow down to crawling.

So, at some point, there comes a time when the previous wave needs to be archived and new one started. Archiving works by removing the wave from your inbox until it gets new content. If you want to refer the wave later, it's good to write a synopsis of the wave in the beginning of it, possibly also adding it some tags.