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A huge project

By Epsilon command - Posted on 27 December 2008

The size of this whole project is starting to reveal itself to me. Still, making E2O is very interesting, and it makes me even more dedicated to making this game a finalized product. I've started to think through graphics, designed logo, have been designing the ships some more and read the rules several times through again, making improvements and corrections. It's clear now how the graphics will be done, and I've even designed some of the faction logos.

Full graphics aren't likely to do it to the beta release version I'm planning to 'release' in Tracon in February 2009 at Tampere. Still I'm going to make this release as ready as I can. I'll also have to start studying a page making program, which is another very interesting part - when it's time to print the final release, I'll have to find right printing house, a good way to execute the book (the book needs to endure a lot of use!), and right now the biggest question is - do I need to put up a company, can I find right publisher or how I'll manage the official side.

I've just written up large amount of text about modelling, putting cardboard models together and other related things; Some of the planned content might appear on this site once the rulebookstarts to take shape and it will be seen what I can fit in the book.

Back to the game development, or maybe a few hours of sleep first - more news later!