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Managing large scale space combats

By Epsilon command - Posted on 08 December 2010


Scenario card for large scale conflicts

What would a space combat game be without occasional large scale space battles, where fleets of large battleships exchange masses of fire with their enemy? Such battles easily grow into very long and slow games, where feel of epic action is lost. Also, fleet construction easily takes a lot of time.

e2o takes a different approach on this; Large space combats you see in popular movies or series are usually composed of very few types of ships, and possibly one or few dreadnoughts. In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the Imperial fleet has Death Star, Super Star Destroyer Executor and a LOT of Imperial Star Destroyers. You don't see dozens of different ship types, and there's a reason for it; Watching such a battle would be just chaotic.

While in a space combat game this isn't as bad, if you are familiar with unit types, it's still true to some extent. Especially, if you play just casually, you don't want to spend a lot of time to memorize ships and their special abilities. Normally, this would make casual larger combats almost impossible concept - or at least frustrating to play, which would make the game unfun.

e2o handles large battles with Main Fleet cards. While you normally construct fleets with cards from QuickPick deck and add required support units from the Support deck, in large conflicts you get to choose an additional Main fleet card from Support Deck. A main fleet card contains units of only one larger type, or possibly one very large unit with little support; These units are the only exception in the rule that a QuickPick unit can't be found from Support deck.

When normally building a Fleet, you would get 3 draws from QuickPick deck. Each of these cards is usually worth 1 or 2 Picks, and you must build your fleets using 3 Picks. When it's a larger scale combat, although not yet a massive one, you get to pick another QuickPick card and choose one Main fleet card. This gives you more than enough options to build your fleet, and at least half of your fleet will consist of your Heavy Destroyers, Missile Cruisers or whatever type of Main fleet card you want to choose.

This feature will give you an epic battle you really are looking for - and with practically no extra rules, tables or frustrating calculation of points - you just need to do what the scenario card you draw asks you to do.



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