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By Epsilon command - Posted on 12 March 2009

As a preview for the game, and a freebie for Beta edition owners, I give you mines. Mines have place in almost any space fiction, and it does fit especially well in the new cold war.

Mines must be bought in hordes, as just a few of them will have little effect. But mines also cost almost nothing; In a 100 -point game, you get 4 mines units with just one point. With 10 points, you get 40 mines you can spread in front of opponent's starting area, trying to slow him down or drive him to a specific location.

How to get rid of mines? Well, if you have nuclear weapons, especially ones that aren't single-use, you can clear large ares of mines with a single blast. Fighters and light ships work excellently against mine fields; Mines can be shot like any fighters, and they are easier targets than actual fighters. And if you have a very agile ship, or a ship with strong armor, you can always try your luck - especially if there's just one or two 'flights' left in the mines squadron.

Here's the stat card:


Suicide attack
The unit is destroyed after this attack, successful or not.

Field deployment
This unit is deployed outside starting area before deployment of other units; It must be 3 sectors away from both ends of the map and outside planet.

Group of X
When you buy this unit, you get X units of this kind. They must be deployed into adjacent sectors (remember that same sector is also considered to be adjacent).

This unit doesn't act during fighters phase, but it instead attacks any legal targets moving into it's sector immediately. Mines can't benefit from command options. Only one mine unit can attack for each triggering condition, and if there is damaged and undamaged mines in the sector, undamaged mines are triggered. Mines have no point value and they are not controlled by a player after deployment. 

Cleanup: After each Fighters and Attack phase, even damaged mines in the same sector so that there is maximum of one damaged mine unit per sector. For example, if there is a sector that has three mines with 3 'flights' left, combine them so that you'll have mines with 4, 4 and 1 untis left.

Mines belong to 'Fighters' basic unit type in e2o. A fighter squadron (basic fighter unit) has four flights. When a flight attacks, each of it's flights makes an attack, and when fighters are attacked, each hit hits a separate squadron. To keep track of squadrons, place a dice on the unit to show amount of remaining flights in the squadron. There can be maximum of 4 fighter units in one sector, in addition to one larger unit. Fighters can't be targeted with heavy weapons.

You can download a printable sheet with LOTS of mines and unit templates for mines HERE (image/gif).


Note that the game is still under developement, and there is likely to be changes. Point cost for mines is for 100-point games. You should use point cost of 2 for 250 pt games and ignore them alltogether in 500pt games.