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New server, simplified ships, quick & dirty starmap

By Epsilon command - Posted on 06 April 2009

Image: Three different levels of detail for e2o: Full model, game token and a very simple alternative ship model.

 Three different levels of detail

The new server is up, and the site moved here swiftly. As mentioned before, I'm not able to make too many updates for a while as there's still a lot to do with the game. What I do have to offer to you now is two things - first, a view to the first version of a simplified Frigate. It may well change a bit, but it's something to help those that want to make 3d ships but don't have time, patience or skill to do the full 3d ship models. In the above image, you can see three different possibilities for playing e2o - A full 3d model, a cardboard token and a very simple 3d model. If you don't use e2o rules to play with other miniatures, that is.

All ships won't have simplified versions - just those that are more complicated to do and what you still will likely need in larger amounts. With all the ship options, you can put as much or little effort to play the game as you want - you can start with just tokens and start making 3d models when watching tv at evening, or make some simplier ship models and use tokens for fighters and missing ships.

Another update to the site is actually something that was mentioned in the beta edition rules, but was missing from the site then: A printable map. It's quite hast quick & dirty map, made from an image made for other purposes, but it works. Be aware that printing the map may eat up a lot of ink. You can find the map from Downloads -section.