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Next week

By Epsilon command - Posted on 05 March 2009

For a while I haven't been able to pay a lot of attention to the game - before Tracon, friends and family as well as my  gaming hobbies got neglected due to game development, and I've had need to take that a bit back. But next week I've reserved almost completely for developing the game; I'll try to get all the rules ready, make some more graphics - both for the book and those that can be placed as elements on gaming board - put more stuff on the website and get some more playtesting done.

Of course it would be over-optimistic to say that the game would be almost complete after the week - it will still need a lot of playtesting and more materials, proofreading and finally book design, printing and legal matters. I still see it perfectly possible that the final game will see daylight in the end of Spring.

Come back for more next week!