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Playtesting and more development

By Epsilon command - Posted on 28 January 2009

Finally in the actual playtesting phase. The game will of course need much more playtesting, but it's been very thoroughly designed so there would be as few difficult and cumbersome elements in the rules as there could be.

So far there's been very few problems with actual rules, more with unit balance. Missiles are very effective and fearsome, as they can hit with great damage and accuracy from great distance. Not to speak of tactical nukes, which calls for opponent's fleet to spread out faster than a fear of fireball in D&D. One rules section was moved from advanced to basic rules and another from basic to advanced rules. Also, another rule restriction was removed as it seemed to make the game much more fun :)

But, the playtesting will continue and I'm renewing the drafts once again. Ship templates still need some work - I'd like to put one out for preview, but I'd really like to get them more ready before that. I'm pretty happy with the looks already (although I'll need to find a solution for Opera printing problem), but the main thing that is missing is special ability/keyword descriptions that I'd like to be visible on the sheets.

Graphics are coming but slowly. I'm very tempted on concentrating fully on them - but I'll have to hold back my artistic urges, as the game itself is the most important thing right now.

My primary concern right now is tokens, which are needed to play the game quickly; I want to make them a perfect hit right from beginning. Most ships are ready, at least those I need at this point. 

Tracon is closing fast, and there's still so many things I need (or want) to do before it...