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Revising frigates - removing another bottleneck

By Epsilon command - Posted on 02 August 2011


New frigates card

Hello again, great to have contact back to Earth again! Epsilon Command is back online, and is here to give you update on the game status.

Due to IRL(R) events, development has been quite quiet for a while. Now Tracon is closing and it's time to push the development to it's next phase. This time, it's time to get rid of many excess cards: numerous frigate and fighter cards can easily flood your table, making everything difficult to find, so they'll be replaced by a few combination cards - each of which you'll need only one.

Latest changes makes a lot of clarity to your unit statistics. Damage to the frigate -class ships are now handled completely differently - they can be damaged but there's no more need to place damage cards under them.

You'll hear more about this and other topics later - these changes are still being redesigned, so I can't tell anything that would be sure. Tracon takes place in a month, and it's the next mark to get the game together again after all the changes.

If you live in Finland, I hope I'll see you there, otherwise be back for game updates on this site!

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