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Rule development: QuickPick

By Epsilon command - Posted on 04 November 2010



Point buy is a traditional method for building fleets, armies, warbands whatever a miniature game's team is called - it is simple, and generally - it works. There are problems with it, though; first, in most games it allows builds that are somehow unbalanced and often very unthematic - something that isn't very desirable in games that try to embrace thematic play. Second, it always takes invaluable game time to build your team, especially if you're trying to play competitively.

Latest addition to e2o rules development is QuickPick, which will be included in the next playtesting session. This method allows players to have their fleets built instantly, and without any extra dice rolling and table -referring, extra cards or any other similar methods. It adds random factor to the games, which some players may not like. But, like I've realized with many other games, ability customize your own units/armies etc. easily breaks the game, after which the game often becomes unflavourful and uninteresting. This random method of fleet generation ensures the interest of the game.

e2o units will still retain their point values, as they will be used by QuickPick, but it also allows fleet building using points, if you prefer that method.

Speaking of customized units - this website, when opened, will allow players to make their own units. There will not be strict costing methods, but you get to define the cost yourself; Other players may then vote for unit balance, discuss about the unit, and when the balance factor is considered high enough, players can pick the unit for their own game. This way there won't be any game -breaking custom units, but new, interesting units; In addition to world of e2o, you can create units in any world you want (although you'll have to respect copyrights and trademarks). 

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