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Server change

By Epsilon command - Posted on 01 April 2009

As a note for RSS feed orderers, e2o website will be moved soon. The new site is up already at address http://e2ogame.net but the official moving of the site will happen a bit later. It will be announced in the newsletter and redirection will be added to this page.

What comes to the game itself, there's  been little development during the last week. There's been some refining in the terrain elements, little rules details tuning, and - well, in addition to new, simplier (and more functional) freighter, I'm in process of creating two new models: A carrier and a cruiser. Cruiser is likely to have one or two alternative versions.

Coming weeks will be filled with writing, reading, rewriting, correcting, photographing, image manipulation and other graphics creation. There will be one big update with the newsletter soon, after which it will probably be silent for a while.