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Setting and models

By Epsilon command - Posted on 30 December 2008

Setting is being shaped up. Main players in the setting will be major powers of Earth. US and Russian forces will compete once again, it is second time of colonization. A few alien species have been encountered, but they have been found to be mainly aggressive. Alliances of Europe, Southern countries and far-east are also conquering riches of the galaxy. With gate technology developed at the end of 22nd century, these five major powers of Earth have established dozens of colonies around the galaxy, and the danger of conflicts is now in the air, between factions of Earth and the Aliens.

The year is 2222 - a year that could have been celebrated a lot, if our belowed earth wouldn't be half-ruined in the third world war.




First set of cardboard models is getting ready soon. In two weeks maximum, I should be able to put up some photos of fleets. Soviet missile cruisers will clash US stealth battleships!