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Streamlined ships

By Epsilon command - Posted on 21 January 2011


Streamlined ships

During about two weeks, I spent some amount of time now and then to put together new streamlined ships for e2o. It was a really busy week, so some evenings I could use only a few minutes for modelling or pass the whole thing, while there was able to use 2-3 hours for modelling while watching tv. As a result, I got huge additions to my fleets (photos below), as well as some starship models not related to e2o and filled a few gaps in my rpg'ing terrains for my cyberpunk campaign.

So, putting large e2o fleets can happen quite fast, and even while watching tv at the same time! 


L ook… here I am I have tried out things in the same manner as you described and guess what!!! I have been successful in taking up the challenge and fulfilling the endeavor finally!!! There cannot be anything better than this.

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