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Terrain, maturing rules, playtesting photos

By Epsilon command - Posted on 23 March 2009

Playtesting/terrain development snapshot

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Rules are maturing and additional elements are being developed. In last playtesting session, there was a game with American heavy fleet regiment assaulted Soviet settlement, having only one frigate as protection, but the planet also had several military bases. Soviet destroyer arrived late as reinforcements, but after running through minefield was rammed by US freighter, after American destroyers were already taken out. Test ended with few damaged fighter squadrons blasting last Soviet bases, but damaged anti-fighter units of Barracks -base (which was the last base) was able to take the fighters out.

There was good and bad luck for both parties, and the game felt balanced with current point values - which is the goal. Bombers felt maybe a bit too ineffective, but on the other hand, they don't cost very much. Their damage might get an upgrade back to their original.

While the basic game mechanics are simple and swift, there's lots of optional elements in the game. Some of them still need some thing so the game will feel logical and is fast to play. But in general, I'm very happy about how the rules are turning out.

Cargo freighter model will be redone. There will be need for lots of those, and the model is currently too time-consuming for it's function; While the freighter looks bulky space freighter, I'll need to simplify it in order for players to be able to make lots of them.

I also noticed a bigger flaw in one Beta pack ship; I'll post a link to a fixed ship in the newsletter later.

And then, to the photos - there's beta versions of the terrain elements on the board. Asteroids give your ships stealth and an option to use Cover advantage -command option, but have a small risk of collison. Toxic clouds are highly corroding, and while they also give stealth to ships within, all but most heavily shielded/armored ships are better off trying to stay out of them. Soviet player decided to try his luck in the minefield instead of going into toxic clouds.

And finally, the planet got finally physical. Bases have cards/tokens now, and there's larger variety of them than there's ships! Terrain elements are so far just taped papers; Mechanics to make them straight is still on the to do -list. Some of the elements are likely to be updated.


Photo 1:  Soviet frigate trying it's luck in the minefield. Frigate has small number to distinguish it other frigates. This is very helpful if using multiple frigates. These numbers will be available here later.

Soviet frigate passing through minefield

Photo 2: American Destroyers approaching Soviet colony

Conflict starts; Fighter waves clash and American frigate meets a missile salvo.

Photo 3: Another view to the situation

The battle on Soviet colony's orbit continues.

Photo 4: Whole playing field

 playtesting with new terrain elements.