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Tracon demo event report

By Epsilon command - Posted on 09 February 2009

Tracon came much too fast, I hope I didn't scare anyone interested with my looks - I realized last night that my eyes were  all red for several weeks of too little sleep... While my preparations weren't as perfect I would have hoped for, I was pretty satisfied with what I got ready.

The game got people curious and there was fair amount of interest for it. Models got a lot of attention, but some people feared they would be too complicated for them to put together. I believe anyone with any experience with putting together miniatures or models will get in quite fast, and there's tokens for those that don't have time or skill to put them together. But there was also talk that those 3D models are so must for the atmosphere that I began to think of a third possibility. But more on that later...

Here's a few photos from the demo event:

Esa (on the left) who has been playing D&D miniatures learned the rules quickly.

Nestori and Ilari had more boardgamer background, and would have liked the game even more simple. While I have no intentions to make the game too boardgame -like, these guys had some great ideas for streamlining, and who knows, maybe e2o will some day come out as a boardgame -version too!

I enjoyed the event, and I hope everyone else enjoyed demonstrations too. The game project is now officially public!