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Tracon, no Ropecon in 2011

By Epsilon command - Posted on 03 May 2011


Tracon demo 2011

Hello, and welcome back to Epsilon station! There has been another long pause with development of e2o. This has happened for several reasons; Taking care of a baby, playing games that don't need work and other things have taken me away from the development for a while. I also decided that I need a RopeCon where I don't need to stress, so e2o won't be seen in RopeCon this year. But there will be e2o demo in Tracon, which takes place in september this year.

There will possibly be some big changes before Tracon. One possible change is making shuttles into fighters and making frigates simplier; There's some issues with these changes, but they would make managing the game easier. There's enough cards in the game, and I want some of them gone.

But you will see what has happened to the game in september. I hope to see you in Tracon!

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