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What's going on with e2o today?

By Epsilon command - Posted on 02 February 2010


Preview of changes in Epsilon

Well, a lot. Rinse and repeat once again and this time, it's a revolution. More corners is being rounded than ever, length of the rules has already dropped by a third, and still, almost everything is still in the game, and even more is coming. Some things have been dropped as they had no function. For example, it would be possible that a starship that is destroyed would have slowed down enough so it would essentially be stopped, but it's not really meaningful for the game that wrecked starships would stay static on the board.

This kind of changes make the rules more solid. Also, old sheets of various sizes are history. Almost everything that has data is now on card-sized, so you can cut them out and put them in card sleeves. This makes it lot easier to handle unit statistics in the game.

The game still needs some work, but I'm very, very trusting that it will be out this spring! And everything it has experienced has been making it a better game.