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Who do Soviet and American leaders fear most?

By Epsilon command - Posted on 30 January 2010


Stella Star, star reporter of Stellar News

Heels clank on the steel floor of USS Liberator, a Disabler -class destroyer that has been called for inspection by Unified Earth council. And among the inspectors, walks a blonde woman who seems to be a bit too confident of herself. This woman is Stella Star, a star reporter of Stellar News who a month ago questioned this destroyer's mission near Betelgeuse. Admiral Redman - descendant of the radical president of USA who had ordered nuclear strike to Iraq almost two decades ago - feels nervous. This woman has keen nose for news and people love her - if she is able to expose the magnitude of the conflict between American and Soviet forces, whole Earth Council will turn against them and stop trading vital resources, which would end the era of colonization for the Americans.

To the grand public, the current situation is still Cold war in it's traditional meaning. To the army men and women of Grand American Federation and New Soviet Union, the term cold war refers to the cold space around them, where you never know when a hostile fleet jumps from hyperspace.