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Managing large scale space combats


Scenario card for large scale conflicts

What would a space combat game be without occasional large scale space battles, where fleets of large battleships exchange masses of fire with their enemy? Such battles easily grow into very long and slow games, where feel of epic action is lost. Also, fleet construction easily takes a lot of time.

e2o as RPG setting?


Alien moon

Just a wild idea, that could happen some day in future - how would you think of having world of e2o as a roleplaying setting? I'm not talking about big and expensive book, but something with a format similar to one I bought a few months ago - Legends of Steel for Savage Worlds. Evil DM has done great job making this light-weight product.

Future forecast: Miniatures hobby in 2025


 e2o ships as true -3d models?

Buying games online as pdf's is today's reality. While no electronic or self-printed version is worth having a good solid book in hands, checking a product beforehand in cheaper electronic format or having a searchable copy of the book is real luxury. I myself value searchability a lot - sometimes when I'm tired and have been working too much on computers I mentally try to click a book's search dialog open when preparing a roleplaying session...

Card sleeves from Hell


Cards, cards, cards!

They are. They really are from hell! And still, like many other things that other people might consider having come from hell, you can't live without them.

A glance to a starship statistics card


Ship statistics card

Hello again,

the development continues busy and while there is many things I'd like to tell you about, I'd like test them some more before going public with many game features I'm really excited about!

For now, I'll show you current version of a stats card for a starship. There's two things you should note about this.

1) This sample is a development version, although it's getting close to the final version - it might well see some changes.

Rule development: QuickPick



Point buy is a traditional method for building fleets, armies, warbands whatever a miniature game's team is called - it is simple, and generally - it works. There are problems with it, though; first, in most games it allows builds that are somehow unbalanced and often very unthematic - something that isn't very desirable in games that try to embrace thematic play. Second, it always takes invaluable game time to build your team, especially if you're trying to play competitively.

Development snapshot


Playing with counters

Lately development has gone through a huge amount of changes and is preparing for the next - and hopefully last - stage of playtesting. Right now I don't want to tell anything more about the recent changes, before I really get a change to test them; While they all sound good in theory, some things just don't work in practice, and even if you would fall in love with them, you just might have to let go of that extremely cool new mechanic.

Sir... you better come see this. This changes everything.


unidentified floating object

There's been no blog postings for several weeks - my apologies for that. But, I have a good reason - a bit more than month ago I and my wife got a baby. This kind of event changes everything, takes all the time and energy for a while and that's e2o has been dropped behind momentarily.

Tracon, Ropecon & the future


Ropecon 2010 Demo game

Tracon and Ropecon both passed again. Tracon demo was in quite quiet room, but the experience was invaluable. Tracon demo was at as well represented location as the last year, and a bit shorter demo time was nice as the noise was even louder than last time, forcing me to shout all the time to get through the cacophony. Due to few last-minute changes Tracon turned out to be more playtesting event than actual Demo, and gave some invaluable experience. In Ropecon e2o gathered again a lot of attention. Below a few pictures from the events.

Connection issues


Hacker card graphics

Tracon has passed, but due to issues with service provider, I've been without internet connection now for a week, which has given some trouble to the development process. For a big part, this is because of the unit creation process that is tied to the website; all units are created using the website, which will allow everyone to create their own units once the website is launched. Thistime, though, it caused problems as I wasn't able to develop the units in time.

More news later, hopefully I can get the internet connection to work again soon.