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American cruiser and simplified gunships

A cruiser model, semi-model frigates and counters.

Just another small bone thrown from the middle of development - the middle way in game preparation: Large ships as full models, fighters as counters and frigates as simplified models:


Site at stealth mode

Well, not really - but like I mentioned before, it's pretty silent here for now; Since the last posting, I've developed a fleet carrier and a cruiser -models, and a new simplified freighters (both regular and large, using same base shape).

Rules are being refined bit by bit, and I've started to write more background story than I initially planned. Another big thing I'm doing is preparing photos that will be base for some imaging for the book. Large amount of playtesting is still ahead, although it's just details that still need tuning. 

New server, simplified ships, quick & dirty starmap

Image: Three different levels of detail for e2o: Full model, game token and a very simple alternative ship model.

 Three different levels of detail

Server change

As a note for RSS feed orderers, e2o website will be moved soon. The new site is up already at address http://e2ogame.net but the official moving of the site will happen a bit later. It will be announced in the newsletter and redirection will be added to this page.


As a preview for the game, and a freebie for Beta edition owners, I give you mines. Mines have place in almost any space fiction, and it does fit especially well in the new cold war.

Mines must be bought in hordes, as just a few of them will have little effect. But mines also cost almost nothing; In a 100 -point game, you get 4 mines units with just one point. With 10 points, you get 40 mines you can spread in front of opponent's starting area, trying to slow him down or drive him to a specific location.

Next week

For a while I haven't been able to pay a lot of attention to the game - before Tracon, friends and family as well as my  gaming hobbies got neglected due to game development, and I've had need to take that a bit back. But next week I've reserved almost completely for developing the game; I'll try to get all the rules ready, make some more graphics - both for the book and those that can be placed as elements on gaming board - put more stuff on the website and get some more playtesting done.

Knocking down the anthill

Once again, I feel like kicking down the anthill. I'm happy I decided to drop the fighters away from the beta edition, as fighter rules are undergoing very large transformation. Now I' beginning to feel that they are intuitive, fast and work very well. Troop combat has also been completely reformed, and finally the numbers feel like matching. Sometimes simpliest solutions work best - it just takes a long journey before reaching enlightment.

Tracon demo event report

Tracon came much too fast, I hope I didn't scare anyone interested with my looks - I realized last night that my eyes were  all red for several weeks of too little sleep... While my preparations weren't as perfect I would have hoped for, I was pretty satisfied with what I got ready.

Blessed daylight

Finally a chance to do some photographing in daylight! Recent weekends have been too reserved so I would have had a chance to do some good photographing in daylight.This weekend I have that longed time, as well as days are starting to get longer, so daylight lasts for more than a two-minute period in noon.

Tracon is closing fast - I better continue tuning the game. More writings later!