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Ee-two-Ou, not E-twenty.

With current flood of D20, T20 and other games based on 20-sided dice, some might confuse E2O with D20 mechanics. Just a note, E2O is VERY different from D20 system and doesn't need D20. It uses d6's and a random d10 - but if you haven't got d10 at hand, it's no problem.

Playtestings are going on; Today's plan is to try troop assaults, targeting hit locations, recon and reinforcements.

US Stealth battleship and Space station models won't probably make it for this playtesting.

Playtesting and more development

Finally in the actual playtesting phase. The game will of course need much more playtesting, but it's been very thoroughly designed so there would be as few difficult and cumbersome elements in the rules as there could be.

Demo Traconissa 7.2.2009

Demo Traconissa 7.2.2009

Pelin ensimmäinen puolivirallinen esiintyminen tapahtuu Traconissa 7.2.2009, jossa demoan peliä. Pyrin julkaisemaan tapahtumaa varten hyvin pienen beta-painoksen. Yksityiskohdat ovat vielä hämärän peitossa, viimeiset 3.5 viikkoa ennen demoa tulevat olemaan hyvin kiireiset. Tarkoitus on kuitenkin yrittää saada beta-versio niin valmiiksi kuin mahdollista.

Consolidation and problematic terms

A lot of my recent corrections just got obsolete as I decided to do change one of basic elements in the game. I had to go through the whole document again to change all reference to ship class - I realized that all units I had made had a straight relation between their hull rating and ship class. While this change gave some problems to be solved it already solved some by itself. Several factors were related to ship class, but now they will have to depend on hull rating.

Setting and models

Setting is being shaped up. Main players in the setting will be major powers of Earth. US and Russian forces will compete once again, it is second time of colonization. A few alien species have been encountered, but they have been found to be mainly aggressive. Alliances of Europe, Southern countries and far-east are also conquering riches of the galaxy. With gate technology developed at the end of 22nd century, these five major powers of Earth have established dozens of colonies around the galaxy, and the danger of conflicts is now in the air, between factions of Earth and the Aliens.

A huge project

The size of this whole project is starting to reveal itself to me. Still, making E2O is very interesting, and it makes me even more dedicated to making this game a finalized product. I've started to think through graphics, designed logo, have been designing the ships some more and read the rules several times through again, making improvements and corrections. It's clear now how the graphics will be done, and I've even designed some of the faction logos.


Development is going forward with big steps. I've read the rules through time after time making corrections, dropping rules that make the game more complicated and adding stuff that feels necessary. Goal of being a generic space combat system able to simulate different features of popular fiction increases amount of rules, but this amount has been surprisingly low so far.

E2O site has launched!

Welcome to new E2O -site! E2O is a space combat rules system that is designed to be fast and simple yet have some degree of realism and variety of options. This site will be center for playtesting, place to create and share units and to discuss about the system.

The system is designed to work with simple rpg rules systems such as Traveller (which has excellent character generation system) and has born from need of a simple but workable space combat rules after finding several rules being lacking to my taste and needs.