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By Epsilon command - Posted on 18 January 2009

Update! Gunship model now has also an alternative simple version which doesn't need much instructions. Be sure to check Building Models -section, it has basic information you'll benefit from when putting the models together!


Gunship is a light unit that has very high firepower compared to it's cost, but only to fixed forward arc. Gunship shoots a powerful laser beam that can slice through even larger ships.

Here's a pictures of gunship parts, both US and Russian version:

American Gunship frigate parts.


Soviet Gunship frigate parts.


Illustrated instructions of building units will be added later.

Preliminary images:

Folding and gluing gunship pieces



Attaching main structure parts




as above, side view




Attaching 'neck' and cockpit





Hull, wings and reinforcement - ready to glue




Dangerous but fragile Gunship frigate is now ready.

Dangerous but fragile Gunship frigate is now ready to be attached to the base. It is a real Glass Cannon, a swarmer that is dangerous to larger ships but vulnerable to fighters and swarms of smaller ships.

Unit image: 
Unit image