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Heavy destroyer

By Epsilon command - Posted on 13 March 2009

Heavy destroyer is a basic heavy ship for Earth fleets. They are durable, they have both Heavy long-range fixed arc Lasers and shorter range pulse cannons. They also have close defense measures to protect them and carry two squadrons of fighters. In theory, you could build a fleet of Heavy destroyers and expect to do well; They are good all-around warships ready to face all kinds of threats.

Disabler -class destroyer is a subcategory of Heavy destroyer. Disabler class destroyers carry no fighters, and their lasers have been replaced with even heavier disruptor beams. These beams deal no hull damage, but inflict serious component damage to ships.

Texts for building a destroyer model are coming later. For now, there's only a collection on images of phase-to-phase construction of a Heavy Destroyer.



Heavy American destroyer parts


Making the folds for the destroyer hull


Making the middle piece round


Middle piece together


Wiping extra glue away


Making wings straight


Destroyer is getting shape and is almost ready


Attaching extra structures


Almost there...


Ready cardboard model. A heavy destroyer that is durable and versatile.


Unit image: 
Unit image