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Note: Features currently on this page are legacy items; They will not be used with the coming page, but are available for your use if you need this kind of items. They may still be useful for your purposes!

Map creation aid

Creating a grid for a map can be cumbersome; Therefore, I've created a tool to help creating the grid. As lot of the time goes to looking for exact place for the marker on the edge of the map and calculating in your head unless you're using very round distances, this printable sheet of paper lets you see exact places for the markers from distance, which speeds up the process considerably.

The sheet also has a matrix telling you what size grids you need or want to have and dimensions of the whole map at that size, for default size and small size if you haven't got much space to put your map on.

You need to be able to use a printing software where you are able to set exact printing resolution. I use GIMP, but you need to have a new release, as some of the old ones didn't handle printing resolution well. If you are not aware, GIMP is a heavy calibre but free image manipulation program. I recommend!

But even GIMP has it's problems - it doesn't print pages it's not able to print completely. So, if you are doing very large grid, you might need to use the second file (printable_maptool_largemaps.png).


Go to the bottom of the page to download map creation aids.


 Star map

If you don't want to make a map of your own, here's a quick & dirty printable starmap for you. It consists of 15 large dark-shaded images - be aware that printing them may eat up a lot of ink. Pay attention to the printing resolution you are using - if you are going to print terrain elements later, it is good to print them with the same print resolution you used for the map. In addition to ink usage, cutting edges off the papers and taping them together takes time, so before printing, think once again about making a map of your own from cardboard sheets or canvas.


Download the map:

Plan of the printable 15 x 20 sectors starmap for e2o


map creation aids:

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