Wheel of Time and Forgotten Realms Weather Generator

This tool creates weather for a calendar in four phases with 13 months of 28 days and has special features for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time's world. Any comments are welcome. Have fun!

Addition! You can now generate weathers for Faerūn of The Forgotten Realms and custom worlds too!

World Setting

Period of year:



If continuing from previous calendar, enter the following info:

Day of previous new moon:

Previous day of week:

Custom calendar properties:

Days per month:    

Days per moonphase:

Day per week:

In custom setting, there's currently always 12 months. If you need more or less, you' just have to duplicate some months from prints.

Key to calendar:
1st column: Day of month.
2nd column: Day of week.
3rd column: Moon phases.
4th column: Weather (Temperature, humidity, wind).
5th column: Special days.

1   Wind direction and strength: 1=Light winds, 2=Moderate winds, 3=Strong winds, 4=Stormy winds, 5=Great storm
  Light Rain
  Semicloudy and thunder
  Sparse showers
  Moderately showers
  Cloudy and thunder
  Moderate rain
  Heavy rain
  Light snow
  Heavy snow
  New moon
  1st quarter
  Full moon
  3rd quarter

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