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    Well, I have weakness for miniatures; I've always liked different games, and Star Wars; I even made a bunch of custom miniatures for myself to be used with my Star Wars roleplaying campaign years ago. When Starship Battles -game came out, I had little hope of resisting it... and when I noticed that many of my ships were well to the scale of the game, I just had to do some more! One thing that I like in miniatures is that they give me inspiration to create something; I used to draw and paint a lot, but now my creativity is channeled more as modelling, as well as web pages creation. And, I still get use for my old modeller's education!

My Star Wars Starship Battles 'mini-set 2'

Another pic

Third of the same

All my current custom starships

Leaders of the rebel alliance... I have no quarrel with you.

Give me the woman jedi, sister of Skywalker... Return the precious object she stole from me.

A shuttle is waiting... send her to my ship... And then I will discuss a truce with the alliance.

-Emperor Palpatine, onboard Eclipse Star Destroyer, Dark Empire

My Eclipse -class star destroyer. Setup made to resemble end scene of Dark Empire I -comic.

Closer picture of the scene

Black as night...

Engines are't correctly made - I didn't find good picture of Eclipse from behind, and I as this is a modified Star Destroyer (my old one is here), I didn't want to make too big alterations - changing engines would have required a lot more work.

A bit more light added

Closer photo from side

A closeup with better light

Eclipse WIP

Fleet pictures

Attack of the clones!

Gunships WIP. I've used filler/PVA(=mainly for wood)-glue/water -mixture to places where there are holes, and put pieces of wire or plastic stripe to the wet mixture to create missing cannons. Wings are made of cereal box -cardboard and rocket launchers on top of it are made from cocktail -sticks. I've tried to make that kind of parts from resin before, and they always ended in disaster. So, I made just the hull, wings & launchers are easy to make from everyday materials. Oh, and I've added small tips of glue on and below wings.

Trade Federation assault on a republic world has started

A closeup. I added another layer of paint on the landing crafts after these photos, but I was too lazy to put up the set-up again...

Rebel fleet / New republic fleet

Mighty fleet of the Empire!

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Scratchbuilt Babylon 5 ships

Modelling pictures

Some of the original pieces

Carrack under construction

Several casts glued together and improved with some plaster. Victory still needs two small holes & little wire for it's antennae.

Imperial Escort Carrier - do it yourself!

I wanted the Empire to have some more fighter lauch -capacity, and remembered relatively simple ship, Imperial Escort Carrier from PC -game Rebellion. I found a plan for it from the web, made my own plans for the piece based on it, and Voilą - that's something anyone can do with relative ease! I'll provide simple instructions how to do it here, as well as the plan you can print.

Printable plan: Imperial Escort Carrier plan (print with 300dpi)


Before starting to create this model, you might want to read my article on cutting and measuring. You'll probably be handling sharp knives, so BE REALLY CAREFUL AND DON'T CUT YOURSELF!

First print the plan I've made, using 300DPI -setting for the printer. Colour print will help but it's not necessary if you can see the coloured pic at the same time or can mark colours. Cut excess paper away, but leave an inch or so around the plan's edges. Then, glue the piece on cereal box (or other similar) cardboard - but apply glue only to outside actual plan! That's why I asked you to leave some extra. Just as a notice, I made structure parts from cardboard that is twice as thick, but it's not necessary.

Now, take a ball-point pen or pencil, and draw along the lines, pressing hard so that it leaves good marking on the cardboard below. Pink lines are ones where you should later try to draw a line to the other side of the cardboard too, as the piece is fold down from these places. You can see the pictures below to see some phases of the construction. Areas with thick hand-drawn lining all to the same direction are marking pieces that are glued under other pieces. There's also few orange lines - these mark later alterations I've made to plans, after making my own carrier based on these plans. I'm not 100% sure of those lines, so you better experiment with those pieces carefully.

Once you've drawn all surface -lines, cut the pieces out. Remember to do those few pink lines to the other side! Start glueing pieces together, but remember to try every piece before applying glue. My plans don't have bottom piece, but that's pretty ease to create when the rest of the model is ready - draw lines to the cardboard using the rest of the model as a shape. You might want think of how you're going to base your piece before glueing the bottom - I glued a piece of wood inside the model and drilled a hole, and made a hole in the bottom-piece for it. Then, you'll have to add engines, and if you want/can, you can add pieces of wire / cocktail sticks / plastic stripes etc. as antennae. I've also cut pieces of cardboard and wooden pearls (from hobby store) to make some additional surface structures. Then, you're ready to paint the piece!

Starting with rear piece

Front piece's 'half-halves' are glued together, then that piece is glued to the aft-part, and reinforcing pieces are also added here.

Main structure is together, bottom piece waits next to it

Details and basing method added. Good luck in your own construction!