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Cold season greetings from Epsilon Command

By Epsilon command - Posted on 22 December 2010


It's Christmas again, and as I've promised, you haven't been getting spammed much because of ordering e2o newsletter.

I believe it's time for a little update about the game status. I'd love to tell you that the game is out, but this unfortunately isn't the case; The game has evolved and evolved some more, has changed more towards a board game and has experienced a number of other changes; While the details of release are still open, a release as a board game with an additional paper miniature component sounds like a probable format for release.

Miniatures themselves have changed to meet expectations of the audience - most ships have now a simpler model in addition to the more complex one, and these models are quite fast to put together; A blog update is waiting about this subject, and hopefully I can get it out soon.

Have a good Christmas or other event you are celebrating, relax, spend time with friends and loved ones, and find some time for gaming too!

Epsilon Command / Antti