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Game status update

By Epsilon command - Posted on 20 August 2009

Hello everyone! 
It's been a while since the last newsletter; The technical issues with the website's newsletter module have been resolved and you can receive letters again.

Those of you that haven't been visiting e2o website might wonder what's the situation with the game - and here's what's going on: The release has been pushed back; New release has been planned in the first quarter of the January. I decided to keep my vacation as a vacation and let the game mature without hurrying, so I'd avoid burnout and could let the rules evolve still a bit and have a good amount of time to tune the graphic design of the game.

The game development is now starting again, and I'm curious to see how many issues will be solved just because of having a mind clear by the time off development. But the old familiar write-test-think-rewrite loop is starting to grind again, and right now there's very little to tell about that.

Like mentioned, this newsletter informs only about more important matters, like changed release dates, new major features on the website or product releases. For more frequent updates, visit e2o blog at http://e2ogame.net . There's a new blog posting (well, two weeks old actually) on the website with a few pics from RopeCon. To those that visited the demo at the con, as well as other recently joined, you're warmly welcome to the newsletter! 


A short note in Finnish: Vaikka tämän uutiskirjeen tilaajista enemmistö on vielä tässä vaiheessa suomenkielisiä, peli on suunnattu kansainvälisille markkinoille, ja listalla on jo englanninkielisiä käyttäjiä. Siksipä uutiskirjeen kielenä tulee olemaan englanti. Koska tämä tulee olemaan myös pelin kielenä, se tuskin aiheuttaa ongelmia.


Over and out,
-Epsilon command