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Papercraft game

By Epsilon command - Posted on 18 September 2009


Sovien gunship parts

I've been wondering if 'Miniature game' is a correct term for Epsilon. I'm may keep using that term as it does well describe the game, but another name came to me a while ago; Print, cut & glue -type items are generally called 'Papercraft'. So perhaps, one term - maybe the best? that could be used to call the game is 'a papercraft game'. 

I'm an enthusiastic modeler, and have been scratchbuilding models for many years. As I kept a pause from e2o development, I delved into all kind of modelling and gaming stuff, and stumbled upon loads and loads of paper models on the internet. There is papercraft models available quite about anything - too large amount to list! After I've got the game ready I'm planning to take some time to compile a list of resources that are usable for e2o.

I've been play-testing Epsilon with different miniatures, to see how well the rules extend to some popular genres, and I can encourage everyone to try the rules for their favourite games! Oh, sorry, the rules aren't out yet - please be patient for a few more months, then the epic action can begin! In the meantime, if you are interested in preparing some papercraft starships while waiting for the rules, go google for some!

Games that can be printed out, put together and played are generally called "print and play" "pnp" or "p'n'p". There are a lot of pnp fanatics, some pnp are free others must be paid for, many start as free games and later become commercial. Put pnp in your tags and you should get a lot of traffic,.

I believe you're correct, print and play -game is perhaps the best way to describe this game. I have come across with this term before but had no idea of making this kind of game then. Good to know it's established term for this kind of games.

Thanks for your input!