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Critical hits

By Epsilon command - Posted on 15 October 2009


This time, critical hit rules have been under inspection - as most rules, everything will be looked at several times. As rules should be as streamlined as possible to allow swift and fun playing, as much special cases as possible should be eliminated from them. And I just did so, in a way that first felt too absurd. As it is said that wounded animals are most dangerous animals, it is also true for fighter squadrons in e2o. The last flight of a squadron is more dangerous than the squadron was while it still had two squadrons. Illogical? Not really.

As e2o is supposed to be at least partially cinematic, it is actually very logical. In almost every epic space combat you have seen in movies or read from books, it is the last fighter or fighters of a squadron that make the decisive strike against enemy. And it isn't even too cinematic, as people under high adrenaline rushes are capable of doing things that would normally be impossible.

So, you can expect to have epic fights with Epsilon. Even if anti-fighter fire might destroy almost whole attacking squadron, the last fighters that get through may well put a large hole in that battleship!