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Point cost renewal

By Epsilon command - Posted on 20 October 2009


Scanning screen

Those that have seen the game demo in Tracon or Ropecon, probably remember each unit having a point cost. These point costs are currently going through a big change. While units will still have point costs, default point value for a game will be 10 points instead of 100 points. A Destroyer will cost 4 points instead of 43 points, and will be weakened a bit to meet the new point cost. There will not be fractions of points, although some units will be bought as bundles (2 assault patrols with 1 point for example).

This will reduce a lot of headache when constructing fleets, as well as resolves the annoyance I've felt towards score tracking in Advanced games. Instead of adding two-digit numbers on paper, you can have a few dice or other tokens on a point tracker. A small level of detail is lost by this, but not too big - and in order to make the game as playable as possible it is absolutely a necessary step.

Delay in the game release has been definitely worth it, as playability of the game is leaping forward in huge steps!