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Inspiration: Star Wars

By Epsilon command - Posted on 09 November 2009


X-wing miniature from Star Wars starship battles

And the pause in production is over, let the development and blogging continue! Today, I'd like to tell you about some sources of inspiration I've had. This first one must be a big surprise to you... right?


When people hear talking about space combat, most think about Star Wars first. I'm no exception to this. It still gives me chills when I see opening scene of A New Hope, where a star destroyer is chasing a corellian corvette. Space combats in the original three movies have made me lasting effect on how I'll think of space battles. I'll have to admit that I love Star Wars and I love space combats.

I also love prepainted plastic miniatures - would there have been any other way than to buy Star Wars Starship miniatures when they were released? It's sad that the line wasn't continued; The game was disappointment for most players, but what I personally think is most important, roleplayers got their miniature needs fullfilled for most parts; Star Wars miniatures (non-starship) line was released years earlier, which I also have collected.

In addition to collecting almost the whole set, and at average more multiples than I've collected from any other miniature set, I started scratchbuilding more ships for the game. I build Dreadnoughts, Victory star destroyers, Republic assault gunships, Carracks, Corellian corvettes, Imperial escort carrier, Rebel alliance carrier (Flurry/Firespray -class), Separatist landing craft and even converted a Star Destroyer I had build earlier into an Eclipse Super star destroyer. I still have projects under construction - Death Star and World Devastator.

After all this love I had given to Star Wars ships, it was disappointing that the rules were very, very simple - the game didn't feel very interesting. I tried to tweak the rules, but let the whole game be for some time - before I got the inspiration to start developing a whole new space combat system.

So what was wrong with the SWSB rules? First, there is no range in the game, except for fighters. Every ship can shoot every other ship.

About the miniatures themselves, it is completely acceptable that you can never get a Star Wars starship miniatures with absolute scale. But the scale with these miniatures is barely hinting about the actual scale. Wizards of the Coast did the scale thing right with another game of theirs published a bit later, the game being Axis & Allies: War at Sea. The fighters in the game aren't in the scale either, but they are a lot smaller than the ships. They look great, and if Star Wars fighter miniatures would have been done in a similar way I would have loved them even more.

There's something positive about this fighter scale after all - they can be used well in ground combat games!

For those that love Star Wars and Miniatures, in addition to StarWars.com and Wizards of the Coast, there's one website you should be aware of - Momirfarooq's. Note that this site or e2o game has nothing to do with Star Wars or Wizards of the Coast except from the inspiration they have given.