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New missile markers

By Epsilon command - Posted on 18 January 2010


New missiles

Missiles are a game mechanic in e2o that has a very big visual importance. You have already seen missiles in many pictures, but to those that want to have colder look for their missiles are getting an option to use different missiles.

While the missiles are important for the game for visual purposes and creating atmosphere, they do have an important purpose in the game too; A simple but functional mechanic to handle them as they should be handled - as slow weapons.

New, alternative missile style

Those missles look great!  WHere can I get them or how do you make them?

[email removed]

These missiles will be part of the from Epsilon to Orion game packet, which will be released during the spring or in summer at latest. The game is most likely to be released in Wargame Vault. To keep informed, you can keep checking this site, order RSS feed from the bottom of the page or newsletter. RSS updates will be more frequent, newsletter will inform you only about major updates concerning the game (only 3 have been sent so far, first being sent a year ago during a year)