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Gaming aids

By Epsilon command - Posted on 21 January 2010


e2o scoretracker thumbnail

Point value revision allowed reducing amount of math and making a new tool for calculating points - a sheet where you can place tokens to keep track of the points. This way there's no calculations in the end of the game and both players can easily see the situations - which for example allows you to make full retreat if you believe you are winning enough in points in order to win the battle even if your opponent remains in control of the area, but are in danger of losing your battleship which could change the whole situation.

Scoretracker to keep you up-to-date with the game situation

In addition to hiding your reinforcements, sight cover allows you to keep your freighter cargo hidden but still verifiable by your opponent, and still visible to you. This helps greatly in advanced games.

Sight cover to hide your reinforcements and freighter cargo