e2o - from Earth to outposts, from Epsilon to Orion.

Epic starship combat!   Fast & fun gameplay!   Spaceships with neglible expenses!   Release closing, still being fine-tuned.

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Questions & Answers

Here you can post your questions about the game. Go ahead and shoot!

The concept looks great but where is the game?

Thanks for asking!

Events in my personal life have slowed the process down, and I'm currently trying to find a publisher. The easiest solution would be to publish this game just as pdf, but I'd really want to make it a print product! Latest development in the game would work best this way.

I'll be posting updates later, the game is NOT disbanded!

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how do we build our own


If nothing hazardous comes up, the game with all the props will be released this summer. Keep checking the site for more previews and release information, or you can also order the newsletter (used only for major announcements) or rss feed.

Thanks for your interest!

Demo jäi väliin traconissa, alukset ainakin näyttivät mielenkiintoiselta. Järjestetäänkö Ropeconissa uutta demoa, jos siellä vaikka ehtisi testaamaan?

Hyvä kysymys, sitä itse asiassa kysyttiin jo Traconissakin. En osannut siellä vastata oikein mitään, koska ajatukseni on olleet täysin pelin kehittämisessä. Alan suunnittelemaan asioita niin että tulisin Ropeconiin, mutta varmasti en sitä lupaa aivan vielä; tulen varmistamaan mahdollisen paikallaoloni myöhemmin. Jos kaikki menee niinkuin suunniteltu, pelinhän pitäisi olla tuossa vaiheessa jo julkaistu.

Summary in English: e2o will probably make an appearance in Ropecon, but I will confirm it later.

when is this coming out and what will it cost

Exact details of release and price are still unclear. It is still unsure how much the printing will cost and what other expenses there will be, but the idea is to make very affordable, unlike most miniatures games. Well, I don't know if you can call a game with printable cardboard ships actually miniatures game, but it's comparable as a game type - except the focus is on the rules rather than miniatures.