e2o - from Earth to outposts, from Epsilon to Orion.

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What is e2o?

Ever hoped there was a Master of Orion -tabletop game? I know I did. And that thought has been a large motivator in e2o -project. This is not e20 (e-twenty), is actually quite far from it; d20 doesn't actually work too well with space combats!

e2o (From Epsilon to Orion) is a new 'miniatures' game which is still under development - and much likely will be for a while. In e2o you can play space battles of new era of colonization, where major powers compete for resources of the galaxy. World War 3 is far behind and there's dozens of colonized worlds around the galaxy. Humankind has learned to use hyperspace gates to move around the galaxy, and new Cold war - which has received a whole new meaning - is about to heat up...

The final form of release is still undecided. The game has developed and changed hugely during over two years of active development, and while it is still a space combat game, it hsa grown something bigger - something completely new. While it still is space combat strategy game, it is also a board game. Not the simpliest one, with a single defined goal, but a highly varying game with lots of different elements - including different terrain, special scenarios, freighters and commanders.

While the game itself is quite cinematic, it has some really strong thematic elements, including difficult decisions what to do when an enemy civilian transport is trying to flee or whether to use nuclear weapons to get rid of enemy bases despite the enraging other earth factions - while this game concentrates on struggles of New Soviet Union and Grand Federation of America, they aren't the only nations out there, and not even the strongest; Both nations are dependent on the other earth factions, and civilian kills or use of nukes is much likely to enrage them, and even if you would win the battle, the Unified Earth Council could take your opponent's side if you make mistakes.

If you want to keep updates of what's happening the game, please follow the blog or order the rss feed. Newsletter is reserved for only the highest priority news about the game.

Thanks for reading this, any feedback or comments are welcome!